• WECA Update March 2017

    Dec 2017 -

    The team at WECA has noted a positive shift in awareness of Engineering Careers throughout Waikato in recent years.

    We believe this can largely be put down to the combined efforts of WECA members in supporting the association's drive to raise awareness of the scope and potential of careers in the sector.

    At the same time, we've also identified a shift in members' needs. Therefore, we would like your input to help shape strategic direction for 2017 and beyond.

    Sally will be out and about catching up with all members in the next few weeks, completing a survey and subsequent report to bring to an upcoming strategic planning day for WECA board and key educators at the end of March.

    We'll be asking all sorts of questions, from which WECA activities you think are most important to how you think our sector is faring here in Waikato in terms of meeting training needs.

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