• WECA Update April 2015

    Jun 2015 -

    There has been plenty of movement in the area of engineering education and training. I have recently been part of the Manufacturing and Technology Sector Consortium Group (SCG) to ‘Review and Refine the NCEA Level 1 and 2 Vocational Pathways documents’ for the Ministry of Education. As part of the process the six Vocational Pathways being integrated into secondary schools are under review.

    These include:
    • Service Industries
    • Creative Industries
    • Primary Industries
    • Manufacturing and Technology
    • Construction and Infrastructure
    • Social and Community Service

    I joined Ross Peterson (Skills ITO), Bill Sole (Competenz), David J (Permark), Mike Kenny (Electropar), Dick Parsons, David Shearer (Canterbury Development Corporation), Murray Hobbs (Ellesmere School), Mike Grumball (Southern Institute of Technology), Terry Neal (MITO), Linda Tame, Dale Williams, Liz McKenzie (CORE Education) at a two day meeting in March in Wellington.

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