• WECA 2019 Highlights and AGM Report

    Feb 2020 -

    As competition builds to attract good young people into our industry WECA is determined to play our part to attract and transition young people from education into industry which has always been a priority for WECA and its members.

    There have been a number of successful events throughout the year but again one of the highlights of the year has been the Evolocity project. Thank you to Levinia as you have been heavily involved in organising another successful competition including the project launch, school visits, the group build days, and competition day .The Evolocity project is well aligned to WECA and we’ve found it to be a good platform to showcase engineering on competition day at the Hamilton Kart Sport track.

    This year WECA has been operating a separate bank account and we have been managing our finances through Xero which has been working very well. The board can now get an up to date view of financial position at each meeting.

    The team of Mary, Sally and Levinia have again this year done a great job for WECA, their efforts have played a large part in the continued success of WECA. Thank you for your good work with limited resources, this is very much appreciated by the WECA board. There have been a number of well supported and interesting member events and industry visits over the year. Thank you to the host companies for your efforts and for opening up your businesses to us all, it’s a pleasure to all attending.

    Succession planning is an important part of WECA and it’s pleasing to see new people able to join the board. Going into 2020 I will not be standing for board re-election but hope to still in some way be involved with the success of WECA. I’ve very much enjoyed my time on the board and as Chairman and I’ve met a lot of great people along the way .

    It’s clear that we have something very special here in WECA that other regions around New Zealand would be very pleased to have as their own, I’m sure we’ll continue to build on what we have, building better relationships between education and industry and developing our young talent into great engineers while promoting engineering as a great career.

    In closing, I would like to thank Wintec for their continued support and hosting our board meetings and the AGM, the rest of the board, Mary, Sally, and Levinia, WECA sponsors and everyone who has contributed to the success of WECA over the last year.

    Dave Stuart
    WECA Chair


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