• New WECA strategy under development

    Dec 2017 -

    WECA Regional Manager Mary Jensen and co-ordinators Sally Birch and Levinia Paku have noted a positive shift in awareness of Engineering Careers in recent years. In particular there has been an upsurge in Mechanical Engineering students at University of Waikato.

    The number of Mechanical engineering apprentices in the Waikato rivals that of the entire Auckland region. The increase in awareness can largely be put down to the combined efforts of WECA members in supporting the association’s drive to raise awareness about the scope and potential of careers in the sector. This has been complemented by an upgraded website, a strong FutureForce careers resource presence for five volumes and WECA’s engineering careers flowchart. EVolocity has also added to the awareness among Waikato schools. In many respects we have achieved the promotional aims of WECA.

    At the same time, the WECA team has identified a shift in members’ needs and, therefore, it was decided to research the needs of WECA members to form the revised strategic direction for 2017 and beyond.

    Information from interviews was used as input into a strategic planning session facilitated by Dallas Snape at Wintec, involving WECA board members, staff and representatives from Wintec, Competenz and University of Waikato. A second session was held at Stainless Design with Board members and WECA staff to further distill core foci and a final meeting will be held this week to solidify a plan moving forward.  

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