• WECA's March 2019 Update

    Jun 2019 -


    WECA has formed an exciting new partnership with the Ministry of Social Development's Mana in Mahi initiative. Translated to “strength in work,” this initiative shows real potential to make a difference in the lives of many New Zealanders, according to The Maxim Institute (2018);

    "Youth unemployment is a huge issue for New Zealand. Over the past decade, the employment participation rate for 15-24 year olds has taken a dive relative to other age groups. Evidence suggests that people who receive a benefit early in life are much more likely to remain a benefit long-term, meaning that breaking the cycle early makes good social and economic sense.

    Moving young people from reliance on a benefit to real work that pays is a means of instilling hope and dignity

    This policy is more than just another working for the dole scheme, it’s a sensible, well-designed initiative that offers a second chance for young people facing serious challenges.

    Alongside funding for one-on-one support, the Government will pay participating employers who take on an employee the equivalent of the benefit to the young person, and employers will top it up to at least the minimum wage. There is also a focus on gaining industry qualifications.

    We’ve seen plenty of work for the dole-like schemes mooted in recent years, but none have progressed further than talk. Mana in Mahi is better than these ideas for three reasons. Firstly, the name and kaupapa is more inspiring, focussing on the dignity of work and promoting sustainability—careers, not just jobs, are the goal. Sanctions will still exist, but this policy offers an aspirational path. Secondly, it collaborates with businesses rather than promoting whatever-random-work-bureaucrats-comes-up-with, and has a better chance at filling skills shortages. Thirdly, it is relational and acknowledges the additional support many of these young people need."

    Please find further information below and contact Mary if you are interested. WECA is providing pastoral care.

    It's been all hands on deck at WECA and it's been great to catch up with many of you at our recent events. We're also busy writing WECA's submission on the New Zealand Review of Vocational Pathways after hearing back from a good number of you. Thank you for your feedback!

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