There are literally hundreds of different types of jobs in engineering and enthusiastic, practically-inclined young people are in hot demand by this lucrative sector.

This vital industry services much of the region's exports, particularly in terms of on-farm engineering requirements, transportation, food processing and packaging for the agricultural sector. Engineering businesses also create exports in their own right as many produce and export engineering plant and equipment worldwide.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERS may weld, machine, bend, cut or shape light and heavy steel, including stainless, carbon or mild steel, aluminium and galvanised sheet, build special purpose machines or engage in precision tool making, design and product development.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS specify, design and supervise the construction or manufacture of systems and equipment that produce, distribute and/or use electricity. They also maintain, operate and manage these systems and equipment.

CIVIL ENGINEERS design, plan, organise and oversee the building of structures such as dams, bridges, gas and water supply systems, sewerage systems and roads.


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